Today’s birthday April 21st 1816 : Charlotte Brontë

The human heart has hidden treasures,

In secret kept, in silence sealed;

The thoughts, the hopes, the dreams, the pleasures,

Whose charms were broken if revealed.

(Charlotte Brontë in Evening Solace)

(with thanks to for the poem which I shared in this Bronte-birthday post)
The English novelist Charlotte Brontë was born today, 201 years ago in Thornton, West Yorkshire:

By 1820 father Patrick Brontë, Irish priest and author, was appointed perpetual curate of Haworth. Th family moved into Haworth’s parsonage which became the Brontë family home were the famous novels of the daughters were written.
Charlotte and her two younger sisters Emily and Anne (two had already passed away after their mother) loved to write and decided finance the publications of their books in May 1846 under the pseudonym of Bell (middle name of Haworth’s curate, Arthur Bell Nicholls with whom she married later.
Charlotte took the pen name Currer Bell for her self-financed publication. Also for her famous novel Jane Eyre
The works of the three Brontë sisters: The Shakespeare Head Brontë Novels
Eleven octavo publisher’s deluxe bindings in three quarter green morocco, decorated with gilt. Oxford: Newly Printed at the Shakespeare Head Press and Published for the Press by Basil Blackwell, 1931

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Charlotte was a creative person and also wrote and bound Jane Eyre in miniature:


1909. St. Petersburg, Russia.

I wondered why I did not saw anything appearing on tumblr about the explosive attack in the metro in St Petersburg yesterday April 3rd 2017. Maybe I was not the only one who did not follow the news yesterday.

I now wonder why no Europe landmarks are not showing any sign of consideration with the Russians.  ‘Only in exceptional cases’: No illuminated European landmarks for Russian victims of St. Petersburg bombing.  (

They did though in case of the other terrorsts attacks. (USAParis, Nice, Belgium, Turkey, London and so on. Why not now and when is a case exceptional?) It’s about people and humanity, not about the number of victims that counts.  

update: Investigators state that the suicide attacker planned a second bomb attack at another metro station and four stations have been closed down for security.