Elegant reading by lamp light

Reading by lamp light

The cosiness of reading a catchy book in the evening at the warm glow of the lamp light is one of life’s little pleasures, that we hardly know anymore in these days and age.

Today’s houses, interior and even the lamps themselves does not capture the imagination. So we sit in front of our screens or big or small, or with one in our hands and entertain ourselves with all kinds of digital equipment. Poverty of these times. (although I know the light was bad in those times, and oil lamps (and candles) caused many fires, but let’s set that aside)

I guess I am stuck in a past, that I even actually do not know  myself, except for what I have read about or seen in art or movies, and except for my childhood. Imagination does all.

So I warm myself with some the cosy images below:

George Clausen (UK born : april 18th 1852- died:1944) : Twilight ; reading by lamplight

Source: The Edwardians: Secrets and Desires | George CLAUSEN | Twilight: Interior (Reading by lamplight)

Niels Holsøe (Denmark 1865-1928) : Interior with a reading woman (1907)

Niels Holsøe "Interior with a reading woman" 1907

Poul Friis Nybo (Denmark 1869-1929) : Interior with woman reading

Nybo, Poul Friis (1869-1929) Interior with woman reading


Peter Vilhelm Ilsted  (Denmark 1861-1933) : Woman reading by candlelight (1908)
John Christen Johansen (Danish-American  born November 25th 1876-1964)
Vintage Philips ad (1950s)(via liveauctioneers.com):

Philips -le soleil sous votre toit