Today’s birthday (Kiev) May 15th (O.S. May 3rd) 1891 : Mikhail Bulgakov. 

photo 1 : colourized photo of the author taken in 1935 (

photo 2 : After two divorces he married

Yelena Shilovskaya (born November 2nd 1893). She was his inspiration for the character Margarita in “the Master and Margarita”. (


The book was written between 1928 and 1940, but published posthumously in book form.

In 1939 Mikhail Bulgakov organized a private reading of The Master and Margarita to his close circle of friends. Yelena Bulgakova remembered 30 years later, “When he finally finished reading that night, he said: ‘Well, tomorrow I am taking the novel to the publisher!’ and everyone was silent”, “…Everyone sat paralyzed.

trying to publish the satiric novel would cause terrible things”, she wrote in her diary (14 May 1939).  


Mikhail Bulgakov died 48 y.o. from nephrosclerosis (kidney disorder). His father had died of the same disease, and from his youth Bulgakov had guessed his future mortal diagnosis


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