Today’s birthday May 11th 1871 :  Mariano Fortuny y Madrazo who was born to an artistic family in Granada, Spain. When he was 3 yo his father died and mother moved the family to Paris and later to Venice.

During his childhood he was introduced to and fascinated by many different textiles and fabrics. This experience  must have set the base for his later work as a fabric and fashion designer.

For his fabrics manufacturing he made his own dyes and pigments, began printing on velvets and silks and dyed them using a press that he invented with self engraved  wooden blocks. 


photo 1 :

Since Fortuny regarded his dress designs as inventions, he also patented his designs as early as 1909.


photo 2 : Fortuny fabric catalogue of 1950s (

photo 3 : Fortuny sample book of fabrics (new) same link

photo 4 :  Fortuny line of fabric covered journals and address books ( 

photo 5 :

photo 6 : 

The fabrics factory Fortuny (Giudecca, Venice) (

photo 7 and 8 : own made block prints and pigments reflecting the colors seen in the city of Venice (


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