And we are back in Italy again…(

The Brownings moved to Florence (Italy) in 1847 where they rented Casa Guidi (the Guidi House) (photos) near the Boboli Gardens (photo below) where the couple loved to walk

(The flat has been renovated and remained in the same style where the Brownings used to live in. Anyone who wish can rent their flat to stay during the holidays,complete with some ot their orgnal artifacts to admire and to use).


Florence had always been a loved place for authors, artists and composers. Russian composer Tchaikovsky composed two musical pieces there, Rssian author and philosopher Dostoyevsky wrote his novel “the Idiot” and his wife, Anne, gave birth to a daughter in Florence, German author Rainer Maria Rilke wrote his diary in Florence, American architect Frank Lloyd Wright lived in Florence. Many of other authors and artists were inspirated by Florence and American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, American poet to whom we owe the first English translation of the Divine Comedy by Dante Alghieri.

Today May 9th 1265 is also the date of birth of Italian poet Dante Alghieri


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