Nothing to do with books, but with a Dutch tradition I wish to share: 

Yesterday (May 4th) we had National Remembrance Day in the Netherlands on which we remember those who fell during World War II. 

This photoset may give you a good impression of this Dutch ceremony.

That means :(As usual the flags hung at half mast from 18:00, and after the Last Post was played, there was a two-minute silence throughout the country (traffic- radio-tv etc) And (members of) the Royal Family layed the traditional wreath at the Dam in Amsterdam, as well as the place where the Netherlands had been invaded on 10/11 May 1940 : de Grebbeberg (from 3rd photo from below downwards) Meanwhile our National Anthem (Wilhelmus van Nassau) was played. The tradition took place all over the country near a war monument, even where I live).

=Photos are from different internet sources= (flags are for May 5th, rest is May 4th)


Today (May 5th) the flags will be waving freely, for we celebrate Liberation Day ( 5 mei 1945). Although it will not be a day off, there will be many activities and festivities.

Strange enough I felt yesterday as if there would be a happy happening coming up. One cannot wipe out a tradition so easily; it’s always there, in the mind, intuïtion, in the blood.

… And that’s a good thing, because the weather does not play along, grey and wet like January…   


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