Today’s birthday April 24th 1533 :  Born in German village Nassau, also born in the House of Nassau William van Nassau,  (William I, Prince of Orange) known as Willem van Oranje (or Willem de Zwijger (William of Orange or William the Silent).

Willem van Nassau inherited in 1544 the Princedom of Orange in South-France, including possessions in the Netherlands. 

In the Netherlands he is called “the Father of homelands” (Vader der Vaderlanden) because of his ability to create unity and togetherness among the people and in the patchwork of Dutch villages, towns and cities,

[Our national anthem is also called after Wilhelmus van Nassau (of German blood) ]

Willem van Oranje was the main leader of the Dutch revolt against the Spanish Habsburgs that set off the Eighty Years’ War and resulted in the formal independence of the United Provinces in 1581

Declared an outlaw by the Spanish king in 1580, he was assassinated (killed) in 1584.

Photo 2 shows his last words on July 10th 1584 while he died by the bullets shot at him short before : Mon dieu ayez pitie de mon ame, mon dieu ayez pitie de ce pauvre peuple =  My God take care of my and your poor people 


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