Ten things you might not have known about the Titanic.

1. The RMS Titanic was the world’s largest passenger ship when it entered service, measuring 269 metres (882 feet) in length, and the largest man-made moving object on Earth.

2. It took approx. 3,000 men nearly three years to build the Titanic. Three million rivets held its massive hull together.

3. According to the Belfast List, 2,225 people boarded the Titanic. Of those, 1,317 were passengers and 908 people were members of the crew. Only 713 people survived.

4. There were 15,000 bottles of beer on board the Titanic and 10,000 bottles of wine. The first-class passengers last supper consisted of 11 courses – including consommé, cream of barley soup, a fish course, two meat courses, foie gras, three desserts, and a cheeseboard.

5. The last luncheon menu served to first class passengers is among many rare artefacts on display at Titanic Belfast including the original Harland & Wolff launch notebook; original white star tableware featuring the ship’s logo; a rare Olympic & Titanic promotional brochure and the last letter ever to be written on board the Titanic by Essex-born Esther Hart and her seven-year-old daughter Eva.

6. The cost of a first-class ticket is estimated to equate to at least €89,000 (over $96,000) in today’s currency.

7. Many unique personal stories have been told, such as the story of 1 class passenger Benjamin Guggenheim, the American businessman, who upon realising the ship was going down, reputedly changed into his evening wear, alongside his valet, and remarked: “We’ve dressed up in our best and are prepared to go down like gentlemen.“ The two were last spotted on deck chairs drinking brandy and smoking cigars.

8. There were many love stories too, like the story of Isidor Straus and his wife, Ida, the owners of Macy’s Department Store, New York. Once it was clear Titanic was sinking, Ida refused to leave Isidor and would not get into a lifeboat without him, apparently stating, ‘I will not be separated from my husband. As we have lived, so will we die, together.’ Although Isidor was offered a seat in a lifeboat to accompany Ida, he refused, while there were still women and children on board.

9. The last remaining survivor of the Titanic was Millvina Dean, a British Civil Servant and Cartographer. At just two months old, Millvina was the youngest passenger on board. She died in 2009, aged 97.

10. The Titanic wreck now lies 370 miles off the coast of Newfoundland, nearly two and a half miles (4,000m) below sea level overlooking a small canyon below. There is no light at this great depth and little life can be found. At Titanic Belfast, visitors can view Dr Ballard’s high definition footage of what Titanic looks like today and can learn more about individual items in the wreckage using the interactive pods.

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Today in history April 14th (on 15th) 1912 : Titanic hit an iceberg and started to sink


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