Today’s (April 3rd 1860) born Dutch author and psychiatrist Frederik van Eeden was inspired by Henry David Thoreau’s Walden, or life in the woods and got the idea to found a socialistic self productive colony, a commune of authors, intellectuals, communists, patients and (agricultural) workers, in order to get free from the capitalistic society.

In 1898 he borrowed money from a friend with borrowed money, he bought a section of the estate Villa Cruysbergen in Bussum which he gave the name of Walden. 

On the grounds of the villa a number of simple wooden houses were built for the workers.  The entire population had to be able to live on Walden, so it was necessary to produced vegetables, grew fruit and baked bread. Also there were chickens (eggs) , bees (honey) and cows(milk)  and later, next to the bakery also a carpenter shop and a chocolate and sugar processing company.

The (rather idealistic) foundation however appeared not lucrative and was doomed to fail due to mismanagement and the fact that the soil was not suitable to grow vegetables, and got bankrupt in 1907. 


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