Today’s birthday March 28th 1871 : Dutch conductor Willem Mengelberg, Dutch conductor of the Dutch Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam from 1895-1945 and also New York Philharmonic 1922-30. Who was famous for 50 years except for his last six living years, being banned from the same Orchestra. (because of NAZI connections World War II)

Photos : (Dutch) Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam -now and in 1877

And if you want to experience live concerts performed in this Royal Concert Building, you can enjoy all concerts wherever you live for FREE (without charge/payment) by LIVE STREAM click :  

TODAY APRIL 2nd, if you want, you can WATCH  the LIVE STREAM of the following live concert at our Dutch Royal Concertgebouw in Amsterdam FOR FREE  at 11.00 till 12.00 am (here in the Netherlands, so you have to adjust your timezone to the midwest european zone : 

Radio Philharmonic Orchestra , Krzysztof Urbanski (dirigent), Ronald Brautigam (piano) performing Chopin – Tweede pianoconcert in f, opus. 21 and Smetana – De Moldau, nr. 2 (uit ‘Má vlast’) and Smetana – Sárka, nr. 3 (uit ‘Má vlast’) 

Just click on this link = live stream to watch from 11;00-12:00 am:


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