Today’s birthday March 28th 1871 : Dutch (Utrecht born) conductor and leader of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra (Dutch : Koninklijk Concertgebouw Orkest) in Amsterdam from 1895 to 1945 who was famous for performances

famous for his performances of Gustav Mahler and Strauss with his Orchestra. 

After 50 years of his conducting leadership it came to an end in 1945 because of the controversy over his relationship with the NAZI’s during the German occupation of the Netherlands from 1940-45 World War II. 

One part of his life he was famous and admired by the peoplec and during the last years of his life he was dimished and banned by the (same) people.  

photo 1 : Memorial Book Willem Mengelberg 1895-1920

photo 2 : Biography after his years of glory and fame


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