Green River Canyon 2007 01 – Canyonlands National Park, Moab, Utah, September 2007

We have to make room for one another.

It is easy enough to find something we don’t like about every one of us.

Probably, most of us can find as much about ourselves that we don’t like.

Who are we to be excluding anybody?

Telling anyone they aren’t welcome?

Demanding that anyone “go back where they came from”?

It isn’t like we have been here forever.

Every one of us came from somewhere else.

How is it that we get to tell someone else to leave

When someone else could be asking us to leave?

What’s with this, “I don’t like you, so you’ll have to leave” business?

Particularly when there is as much about us and our kind that we don’t like

As there is about you and your kind.

We have to commit ourselves to the work of making room for one another,

And give ourselves to it every day for the rest of our life.

Negotiation and compromise, Kid. Negotiation and compromise.

The future of civilization depends on it.


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