Kisatchie Falls 02 Panorama – Kisatchie, Louisiana, January 31, 2014

Everywhere is the perfect place to wake up. And soundly sleep.

Nothing needs to change in our external environment in order for us to see things as they are and take up the path that is always underfoot to healing and wholeness, integration, integrity, incarnation and fullness of being.

And any place can be deadening and conducive to tuning out, nodding off and living asleep at the wheel.

Many people in Tibet don’t get it, and many people in Vagas do.

Any culture, any society, is exactly what the people of that culture, that society, need to wake up, see things as they are, and live the life that is theirs to live–seeing, hearing, understanding and transforming the culture, the society, by the quality of their participation in it.

The quality of our participation in the culture will be counter-cultural, antisocial, and, in our case, un-American, but, we will also be indistinguishable from everyone else in the culture or the society.

We do not have to denounce the world, shave our heads, wear sheets and walk barefooted everywhere we go. We do not have to say or do anything beyond saying what needs to be said and doing what needs to be done to keep faith with ourselves within the context and circumstances of our life.

And, in doing that, each of us will say, will do, something different. We will not be alike. We will not be known for our doctrine and/or our theology. Each of us will be known for the life we live.

The more awake we become, the more our life will incarnate, exhibit, express and bring forth the ineffable, numinous, source of life and being.

And the more different we will be from everyone around us and the more alike we will be with everyone who has had eyes to see, ears to hear and a heart to understand across all ages and epochs of human existence.

Those who know, know the same thing–and live in recognizably similar ways

Those who know not, argue, harangue, debate, denounce, destroy in the name of proclaiming what they know.

Those who know live by the principle, Don’t Talk–Do! And Laugh! And Play! And Enjoy All That Is To Be Enjoyed In Every Day! Amen! May It Be So!


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