About this wordpress blog

a New beginning with the existing or rather to start a new with the old

R'dam -Storm2

Hello! You are welcome to take a trip through my (book)world

Being a tumblr blogger since May 2015, I decided to take the step and signed up on March 3rd 2017 for WordPress, considering this as a new start with the old (posts).

As WordPress offers the opportunity to import the tumblr posts (own and reblogs) it is still rather a duplicate of my tumblrs. So to the tumblr followers (and the tumblr bloggers I follow myself) I will say : Most posts which I reblogged from you all, you can find here, on WordPress. Most of your photos, not everything, because of the limit of space.

To the WordPress and other readers  I invite you to browse around to find some things of you interests.  I will offer you a worldwide scala of books, bookish items, authors, poets, music, artist and photo art -related items, brought together under various themes.

Hope to see you sometimes, here or elsewhere:





As I am still not used to the way WordPress works, and just discovered that the google translator I activated really works, I want to share some screenshots to show how  readers can translate the texts in their own language.

First you have  to click left above at the button 2017-04-11_112743 to open the sidebar and then scroll down and find the google translator.


welkom translate